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Clinical Experience in Obesity

EnteroMedics® has significant clinical experience with VBLOC® vagal blocking therapy; more than 600 patients have been implanted with the Maestro® System to date.

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Obesity is a disease that has been increasing at an alarming rate with significant medical repercussions and associated economic costs. Many people with obesity also have severe and complex problems related to their disease, including metabolic and cardiovascular co-morbidities such as type 2 diabetes and hypertension.

Obesity is a complex disease and, for many, a lifelong challenge involving physiologic, behavioral, environmental and genetic factors, making it a difficult health issue to address. Many people with obesity struggle to reach and stay at a healthy weight following a seemingly endless challenge and failure of diet and exercise. Pharmaceutical options, while less invasive, can be associated with serious safety concerns, including cardiac and adverse side-effects, and are frequently less effective for morbidly obese patients. Bariatric surgery is more invasive, results in anatomical disfigurement, and may require frequent invasive adjustments or re-operation. It can involve major lifestyle changes, dietary restrictions and nutritional deficiencies. Only about one percent of people with obesity undergo bariatric surgery to address their condition.